Defi Portfolios Simplified

The burden of jumping from app to app to track your portfolio is over. Download Lynx today and let us do all the heavy lifting.

Seamless Portfolio Tracking

Lynx turns defi portfolio tracking into a breeze. Simply add each of your wallet addresses and Lynx will begin tracking all your wallets, across three major defi chains: Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Lynx will never ask you to connect any of your wallets, instead, we use publicly available data to track your portfolio which eliminates any and all security risks.

Multi-Chain Tracking

Lynx tracks your wallets across the Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC blockchains.

Track any token

A token does not have to by listed on Lynx or any other platform to be viewed in your portfolio. This means you can track tokens easily the day of launch.

Community votes

Holders can vote for their favorite tokens each week to help other users find amazing projects.

160 Supported fiat currencies

You can finally view your portfolio balance in your countries native currency!

Risk Free

You will never have to connect your wallets to Lynx which eliminates security risks.

Multi-Wallet Tracking

Add as many wallets as you own and Lynx will do the rest. No more jumping from app to app to check balances and prices.

Frequently asked questions

Is Lynx safe to use?

Lynx is completely safe and risk-free. Because we never ask you to connect your wallet, we have no control over your wallet. We use already publicly available on-chain data to track your portfolio.

How much does Lynx cost?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We do not charge our users anything to use our app. We generate revenue via advertising and listing fees.

How does the community voting work?

Holders of a specific token can cast one vote per week for that token. The tokens will be displayed on the “Discover” tab in the “Community Votes” section in the order from largest to smallest by number of votes.

Why don't I see all my transactions for a token?

Currently, we only are looking at and displaying transactions where you either bought or received a token. These transactions or necessary to calculate your cost average per token. All sales will be ignored.

Can I track my centralized exchange account?

Currently, Lynx does not support any centralized exchanges. The reason for this is the crypto you “own” on a CEX is not in your wallets on that platform. Because we track by wallet addresses this makes it not possible to track your CEX account. We may add support for CEX’s in the future if it is a desired feature.

How do I get my project listed on Lynx?

To list your project on Lynx please navigate to the listing form and fill it out. We charge $100 USD equivalent in any token or currency to list your project. You must also meet our project standards to be listed on Lynx.

Why can't I see a price for a specific token?

Currently, Lynx only supports tokens listed on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Quickswap. If your project does not have an active liquidity pool on any of those platforms the pricing will not be detected.

How accurate are your prices?

We query for price changes once per hour. If the price fluctuates between queries Lynx will not detect it. If you need exact real-time data we recommend checking out